A 72-year-old Woman Died By Falling Denny Sign

On Thursday, a woman who was 72 years old was tragically killed when a sign for Denny’s fell on top of her automobile and crushed it. The catastrophe occurred when the sign collapsed and crushed the car.

When the disaster struck, the widow had just returned home after picking up her husband from the hospice care facility.

Lillian Mae Curtis, her daughter Mary Graham, and her husband Lloyd Eugene Curtis were all sitting in the backseat of the car when the sign crashed to the ground in the face of strong winds with gusts of at least 40 miles per hour. Mary Graham and Lloyd Eugene Curtis both survived the accident. Lillian Mae Curtis was not.

Lillian Mae Curtis was likewise successful in evading harm during the ordeal. According to her family, she was sent to the University of Louisville Hospital, the same facility from which she had just brought her husband home, but the medical staff there determined that she was “inoperable” owing to the “catastrophic brain injury” she had experienced.

“the physicians claimed that it was completely instantaneous and that there was no way her body could have felt any agony,” Mary Howard, her granddaughter, said in an interview with a local station that is affiliated with the ABC network that “the doctors claimed that it was completely instantaneous.”

Graham was knocked unconscious and suffered five shattered ribs in addition to a concussion, while Lloyd Curtis, who was told he only had three months to live, was readmitted to the hospital after being released from the hospital. The long-lasting marriage of the elderly couple was commemorating their half-century anniversary.

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