California College Wrestler Who Was Pulled Into The Ocean During The Polar Plunge Is Missing

California College Wrestler Who Was Pulled Into The Ocean During The Polar Plunge Is Missing

Still unaccounted for is a student from San Francisco State University who took part in a “polar plunge” on Thursday and was pulled from the sea at some point during the event.

According to a letter sent to the general public by the university, on January 19, 2018, a senior at San Francisco State University named Hamzah Alsaudi went into the water in Pacifica, California.

According to the statement, search operations for Alsaudi were called off by the authorities on Friday.

According to the Vice President of the University of Florida, Jamillah Moore, Alsaudi was a “beloved” member of the university wrestling team. Moore also stated that “our thoughts and prayers are with the whole Gator community right now as we process this tragedy.”

Friends of Alsaudi claim that he travelled to the beach with two other colleagues in order to “take the polar plunge,” as the phrase is used by KTVU.

Participants in a traditional polar plunge challenge themselves to swim in freezing water for an extended period of time during the winter.

The get-togethers are well-liked by younger generations, can be organised as events for the neighbourhood, and may contain a component for generating financial support. The group that Alsaudi was with consisted of only three other people, and it was not a prearranged get-together for residents of the neighbourhood.

On Thursday morning, officers from the Pacific, California Police Department responded to a call about a swimmer who was in difficulty.

The unfortunate event occurred at Esplanade Beach, which is known for its seclusion and is located along the famous Pacific Coast Highway to the west of San Francisco.

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