Woman Shoots Her Husband At Daytona Beach Hospital

Woman Shoots Her Husband At Daytona Beach Hospital

A woman who fatally shot her terminally ill husband is currently being detained at the Volusia County Corrections, according to Daytona Beach police.

The shooting happened at Advent Health Daytona Beach on Saturday at 1 p.m.

The victim and Ellen Gilland allegedly had a deal to “end it” if his health deteriorated three weeks ago, according to the investigators.

According to the authorities, Gilland holed herself in her husband Jerry’s hospital room following the premeditated shooting.

The personnel, patients, and even critically ill patients had to be removed from the 11th floor by police as a result. Police Chief Jakari Young claims that things have become really busy.

This was a bit of a logistical problem, he remarked.

In an interview with Channel 9, legal analyst Bill Sheaffer offered his perspective on the crime.

According to him, no state has ever approved or endorsed assisted suicide in the United States of America.

Sheaffer knew she would have to take some form of punishment as a result. But in this case, he thinks that as part of a plea bargain, she will get probation instead of going to jail.

According to Sheaffer, “the criteria of mitigation and sentence will play a big role in her age and the fact that her spouse was dying.”

Police had jammed the hospital’s hallways and crammed the parking lots as they hoped to persuade Gilland to surrender himself up.

According to data gathered by Daytona Beach police, Gilland and her husband had intended to pass away together in the hospital that day, but Gilland chose not to.

Police said that after Gilland shot her husband, she locked herself in his room and wouldn’t put down the gun, causing hospital staff to build up a makeshift shelter and removing numerous patients from their rooms.

Sheaffer claims that, although unlikely, Gilland may also face charges for comparable offences.

She might face aggravated assault charges for pulling the trigger. According to Sheaffer, there are fees involved with closing those facilities. She may be accused of a number of things, but murder is unquestionably the most severe one because it carries the heaviest penalty.

Gilland is being detained without bond in jail for the murder charge. According to Shaeffer, this is usual for such an offence, and the state might eventually consider a bail.

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